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August 2018
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Mac and Cheese (Béchamel Cheese Sauce)

I had a hankering for some homemade goodness of the cheesy verity so I made Mac and cheese!  I knew Shae wouldn’t eat it if it was regular macaroni so I made it with the whole wheat stuff because it is so much healthier for you /end sarcasm.  Feel free to make it with regular macaroni if you prefer.  I went the direction for a béchamel cream sauce as my base (some make a custard base) to make my cheese sauce and boy was it good!

Don’t get scared off by the fancy French term, béchamel is just a white

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Macaroni pesto with two types of mushrooms

This is a throw together meal with stuff I needed to use up from past meals.  It is also a vegetarian option that I seem not to do very often so enjoy!

1 Cup of uncooked macaroni ¼ cup of pesto (thought i had a pesto recipe up, will update with pesto in a day or two) Hand full of cramini (baby bellas) and shiitake mushrooms Fresh parmesan cheese.

Cook pasta as the package directs, add salt to boiling water.

Mean while sauté mushrooms in a frying pan with a little olive oil until done.

When pasta is done,

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