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July 2018
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Green Lentil with a Duo of Citrus & Harissa

1 Cup, Green Lentil

2 1/2 Cup, Beef Stock

1 Large, Onion, Medium Chop

2 to 3 Tablespoon, Garlic, Fine Chop

2 to 3 Stalk, Celery, Medium Fine Chop

2 to 3 Medium, Carrot, Medium Chop

1 Large, Lemon, Zest & Juice

1 Large, Lime, Zest & Juice

2 to 3 Glugs, Olive Oil

2 to 3 Tablespoon, Harissa Paste

Salt & Pepper, to Taste

Dash, of Nutmeg

1/2 Cup, Black Olive, Course Sliced

1/2 Cup, Green Olive, Course Sliced


Glug the Olive Oil into a Large Heavy Kettle

Put on Medium Temp and Add the Onion, Garlic,

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Killer Harissa Hot Wings:

Hot wing, you know you love them, crispy skin with sticky and spicy goodness, what’s not to love?  I get cravings for them every so often and usually get them out at a bar or grill somewhere around town, everywhere has a slightly different way of doing them, but that might be better addressed in another post.  I most often get the traditional “Buffalo style” wing and I make a mean one at home (check um out) but I also like to experiment with them.

Killer harissa hot wings is one of our creations, a very lovely alternative to

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Tomato with Harissa & Pistachio Nuts

This is one of my favorite concoctions, I’ve been making it for years. Finally I’ve gotten round to taking some photos and posting it here!

A main component is Harissa, here’s the Wiki link;

8 to 10 Extra Large Very Ripe Tomato, cut in quarters

1 Extra Large Yellow Onion, course chopped

2 Large Lemons, zested & juiced

6 Ounces Pistachio Nuts, Halves & Pieces, toasted, that real tiny toaster I bought on Craigslist really comes in handy!

4, 5, or 6 Teaspoons Harissa, I love this dish SPICY!

1 Bunch Green Onion, course chopped

Salt & Pepper

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Hunan Style Smokey Ham with Veggies

One of my fav foods to go out for is Hunan Style, it’s regional Chinese style of cooking, dry hot and smokey.

Here’s my take on Hunan Style Smokey Ham with Veggies.


I’ve cleaned, chopped and otherwise prepped for cooking all kinds of Veg.; Celery, Yellow Onion, Red, Green, Yellow and Orange Sweet Pepper, Pasilla Pepper, Carrot, Sunburst Squash, Snow Pea Pod, Roma Tomato and Garlic. You can use any veggie you might have on hand.


Snow Pea Pod, Celery and Sunburst Squash


Roma Tomato, Yellow Onion, Red, Yellow and Orange Sweet Pepper

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Thai Style Chicken Soup

One of the things I really love cooking is Soup. You can use leftovers, adding some bits and pieces from a quick trip to the Farmers Market. Truly the sky is the limit when it comes to your options whilst making Soup. I have a quart of Home Made Chicken Stock from poaching some Chicken Breast a few posts ago. The Stock is really quite condensed, so I am going to use a couple of quarts of water too.

I’ve started by cutting in 1/2 about 8 oz. of Snow Pea Pods, cutting into pieces one large Red Bell

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