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August 2018
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Steelhead Trout in an Orange Thai Pepper Sauce

The act of cooking for me has gotten to be very similar to the act of painting (as in art), it is cerebral, introspective, exhilarating, tiresome, challenging, playful and fun (amongst others) all at the same time. As a bonus there is a tasty ending game!  The act of cooking good food is more about the living in present then art is, maybe not for the artist but for the “viewer/taster”, it is about the here and now, the immediateness, the intimacy as it were.  Time is a foe for the base ingredients and the final product has a

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Grilled Honey Thyme Glazed Salmon with Roasted Thyme Red Potatoes

It has been a bit quiet around the as of late, life has been busy and hectic so a lot of pizza and take out has been consumed, but with our 100th post and a great one at that, I hope you can forgive us!

Yes this is the 100th post!  It is so good that I hope everyone will try it and please give feedback.  Don’t worry, it’s really easy!  Use a good wild caught salmon, I used Sockeye salmon, it is a bright red salmon with amazing taste, other great verities that I love are Coho,

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Fish Tacos w/ Spicy Lime Sour Cream Cole Slaw (Taco Pescado)

What we now consider a fish taco dates back to the late 50’s and early 60’s had its origins in Baja Mexico although fish tacos probable dates back a thousand years or so.  This surfers’ favorites basic form is made out of battered and fried or grilled white fish, shredded lettuce or cabbage in a citrus sour cream or mayonnaise and topped with salsa, typically pico de gallo and served on a corn or flour tortilla.

This culinary surfer fair has rapidly spread in the last 10 years, I can even find them in my small home town’s restaurant where

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Asian Pepper Sauce Marinated Salmon (Sriracha)

This is a really good and easy marinade to make for salmon which will add an Asian twist to your meal.  You can grill or broil this dish for year round yum!

Pair with Pale Ale such as Odell’s Barrel Pale Ale

¼ cup Sriracha (Asian hot pepper sauce) 1 Tbls. Asian fish sauce (sub soy sauce if desired) ½ Tbls. grated fresh ginger 1 Tbls. fresh lime juice 4 servings salmon (half pound or so per serving)

Mix first four ingredients well, spread on top of salmon and let marinate for 1-2 hours in the fridge, take

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Grilled Fish Tacos w/ Slaw and Grilled Salsa

Not just for surfers anymore!  This wonderful meal that has been popular with the surfing crowed for a long time has been popping up ever where.  My problem with a lot of the places with fish tacos is that there is not enough fish and too much slaw.  I solve this by doing it my own way with this healthier version of a popular surfer food.  Instead of deep frying the fish we grill it!  I also dress the slaw with lime juice and hot sauce instead of mayo and yogurt.  Use any good white fish such as mahi

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Lyndale Tap House review

Ok, this is not really a review of the place in general, but a review of the special I had there last night, it was to DIE for.

In all fairness to the Tap, I should cover what their shtick is, after all I frequent the place enough.

To quote them:

“The Tap House specializes in Baltimore Style Pit Meat. This preparation involves rubbing a high-quality piece of meat with a special housemade spice mixture and allowing it to marinate for three days. The meat is then seared on a specially installed pit grill which chars the outside and

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