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July 2018
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Untidy Joseph aka Sloppy Joe, Slop, Sloppy Joes

Simple, classic and tasty is all I can say about this dish.  You will be transported back to childhood as these comfort bombs hit your belly!  Truth be told, I make them off the cuff usually this is just one variation I do but only my first post about them.

1 lb ground burger (sub turkey or soy grumbles for healthier versions) 1 white onion diced 2 cloves of garlic diced 1 celery stock diced 1 cup or so of sliced mushrooms (crimini or buttons) 1 can (12 oz.) of tomato sauce (I like Hunts) ¼ cup ketchup 1

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Mango & Chili Pepper Marinated Beef

Start with your marinade 24 hours before making this.

2 1/2 to 3 Pounds London Broil, cut into bite size pieces

1 Cup Mango Juice, I’m using Fresh Cut Mango in Natural Juices, available in youe Produce Section

3 to 5 Tablespoons Chili Pepper Sauce

1 Cup Red Wine, I’ve used a nice Californian Shiraz

1 Teaspoon Smokey Paprika

1/8 Teaspoon Nutmeg

1 Clove Crushed Garlic

1 Bunch Green Onion, Medium Course Chopped

1 Medium White Onion, Medium Course Chopped

8 to 10 Leafs Fresh Basil, Pinched and Torn into Small Pieces

Salt & Pepper to taste

In a

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Pad Thai w/ Beef, Mushrooms, Veggies, and Sriracha

I love Thai food for its simple commitment to quality and flavor.  An umami burst of yum and the heat, what better to beat a cold winter day!

Thai goodness

This is my take on a Pad dish, while not the traditional Pad Thai, it has lot of the elements of other Pad dishes.

Beef – flank steak, sirloin, or lean roast sliced thin Half white onion cut in larger chucks 1 carrot cut thinly on an angle 1 cup of snow peas 1 cup of shiitake mushrooms sliced 1 cup of baby belle (cramini) mushrooms sliced 2

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Fajitas - Lime Marinated

Miss fryingpan had to work all weekend so she wanted to have something she loves for dinner, FAJITAS! Nice and bright in flavor and fun to make and eat, who wouldn’t want these treat on a cold Minnesota winters night?

fajita with black beans on the side

This summer I posted a grilled fajita recipe, this is my inside version of it, of course I do it a little different every time I make them. I made both beef and chicken ones this weekend.

Marinade: Juice of 2 limes 1-2 tsp. lime zest 1 tsp. cumin ½ tsp.

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Indian Inspired IPA Beef Stew:

I wasn’t sure what to call this dish since it isn’t really a curry and the addition of beer kind of throws it a wrench it to it also but as you can see I settled on a vague inspired title!  This no holds bar stew that is inspired by Indian spices and a beer that was made for to survive the heat ofIndia.  It has loads of flavor and is very satisfying change of pace after all that holiday food.

Oh, this is a bit hot, cut done the cayenne and remove seeds and ribbing from the sarono

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Stormin’ Norman’s Midwest Chop Suey (Stuey):

My dad was a wonderful cook albeit not overly adventurous, he loved his meat and potatoes, that is how he grew up on his grandpa’s farm after all.  This dish is one of his and was one of my favorites as a kid and still is.  It was something he would throw together if I was coming down to help around the house or just visit.  I was not sure why he called it Chop Suey since it isn’t anything like the Asian Chop Suey so I asked my mom.  She said he liked the name and made the

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Beef Lemon Basil w/ Sautéed Carrots, Zucchini and Mushrooms

A cacophony of flavors that are bright and as spicy hot as you want but this meal still holds a sense of lightness and delicateness that wowed the taste buds.  An ode to a stir-fry for sure and could be easily served with rice or risotto, long noodles of some sort. 

1 lb. chuck roast cubed or cut then 4 carrots cut thin on the bias 1 zucchini cubed up Hand full or so of fresh cramini mushrooms (buttons) chopped same size as zucchini 2 cloves of garlic minced 3 Tbls. fresh basil julienned* (small but long ribbons) half

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Simple ground beef tacos

An all purpose taco with good amounts of flavor which you can make as hot or mild as you like.  It is also easily modified for personal taste or variety.

1lb 85% ground beef (use tvp* for vegetarian meal) ½  white onion diced ¼ green bell pepper diced 1 jalapeño pepper (optional) leave seeds and ribbing in for more heat 1-2 tsps cumin ½ tsp cayenne pepper (optional) ½ tsp oregano ¼ tsp sweet or Hungarian paprika Juice of 1 lime Tortillas, or corn taco shells (use high fiber for healthier option) Salt & pepper to taste

Topping as

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