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August 2018
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These lists will be an ever growing endeavor, come back and see what wisdom (or lack thereof) you can glean. 

General Cooking Tips:

Hot peppers:

Handling Hot Peppers:  Wear gloves or at least wash your hands right after, you do not want you rub your eyes or touch other sensitive areas after handling the hot peppers, unless of course you are into that sort of thing.

Controlling the Heat: The hottest part of the hot peppers are the seeds and the white ribbing inside, remove these for less heat. 


Non Reactive Container:  It is any container that will not react with the food giving it an off flavor.  Stainless steel and ceramic coated cast iron are common non reactive vessels, aluminum is a reactive vessel, off flavors can be leached out when it comes in contact with something such as lime juice or other acidic foods.


Measuring Dry Ingredients: Use nested dry measuring cups, level off with a knife, do not pack unless noted.

Measuring Liquid Ingredients: use a clear measuring cup, glass or plastic and always have cup on a flat surface  for accurate measuring.

Measuring flour: Spoon not scoop flour into dry measuring cup, do not shack or tap down, level off with knife.

 Grilling tips:


Lighting the Grill*: Use a chimney starter to avoid use of lighter fluid (best thing I have ever bought for my charcoal grill)

Keep From Sticking: Wipe grates with olive or canola oil to help prevent sticking, or spray with grill quality cooking spray.  Grates should be “seasoned” like you would do with cast iron pans or pizza stones.

Cooking Veggies: Use a cast iron frying pan for your veggies and other small stuff that can fall between the grates.

Keeping the Cook Happy: Have a cold beer or cocktail of your choice is a must while grilling, keeps you cool by the coals!

Heat Control – Mosture:

Use the Vents*:  To control the heat is to control the amount of air (oxygen) that gets to the coals.  Close the vents a little or a lot to achieve the desired temp.

Adjust the Coals*: Use a full chimney of charcoal for higher heat (300 – 400 degrees F.) use half of a chimney for lower heat (225 – 275 degrees F.), but add coals as needed (every half an hour) to keep the heat where you want it.  This is used for longer cooking times and smoking typically.

Direct vs. Indirect: Control heat with direct and indirect cooking areas (detailed post coming soon)

Keeping it Moist: Add a tray or tin with some water in it to keep some humidity in the grill for long cook times.  This will prevent the meat from drying out.


Keeping Fingers from Burning:  Use long handled tongs to prevent finger hairs from burning.


* These tips are for charcoal grilling mostly.