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July 2018
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Beer Tour - Live Blogged

I am at Muddy Waters in the Lyn Lake neighborhood of Minneapolis and I am doing a little mini beer tour and I am going to live blog it (edit: almost all was live blogged until battery died).


First beer is Deshutes NWPA Northwest Pale Ale:

I am not a huge pale ale fan typically but this pale is a nice surprise, it is hoppy (60 ibu) as you typically find in Pale ales but it doesn’t have the over the top, hit you in the face cascade hoppiness that other  pa’s apa’s and ipa’s tend to have.  Cascade hops is my least favorite hop, tends to be one dimensional and it leave my tongue feeling fuzzy.  It has a nice amber color and a wonderful crystal malt flavor.  I feel it is more balanced and complex then most pales ales.  I will be trying it again but maybe not a whole lot since it’s at 6.2% abv.




Stone, Levitation Ale:

Wonderful beer, low abv (4.4%) nice malt tones with a subtle character.  The hops are laid back the way I love them.  There is a small bit at the end but has an all night drinkability to it.  The only problem is that it is served in a small glass here at the Muddy, I found out that it is a really expensive beer and that is why it is served in the small glass.


Last one for tonight is Two Brothers Cane & Able:

This is the only beer that I have had before.  I hadn’t known it was made with some rye so I wanted to re-try it since I love rye beers.  It is a hoppy dry beer, not much in the way of malts, there is a grain/bread undertone to it but the hops mask some of it.  It has a nice slightly dark amber tone to it and has a flowery smell.  Only drawback is that it is about 7% abv (not something I can drink all night without getting a bit goofy by the end)

I also had a few small samples of beer, one was:

Surly’s Smoke:

As the name suggest it tastes like smoke, smoking oats has become something as a novelty brew lately, one I am hoping won’t become too popular since I am not a huge fan of the style.  With that said, this one is well done and is dark and velvety with that distinct smokey flavor, almost bacon-esque.  I don’t know if I could choke down more than a pint but up to a pint might be ok but only on a really rare occasion.  I really think it would be awesome to cook with, I am thinking about a braised brisket or other meats that can take on a lot of flavor, my wheels are turning…

Brooklyn Brewery’s Concoction:

This beer is reminiscent to a saison style but not really, I was told that it was designed after a famous cocktail at some bar in NYC.  I will try to confirm this.  I will have to get a full pint of this soon but here is my quick impression, it has no distinct hop presence and it has little malt distinction either, what stands out is a lemon, sour and ginger vibe that is saison like at first.  It is complex and I think the comparison would be diminished after a few more tastes.

Note: This post has been edited after the fact to fix a few problems that my tablet was fight me with.

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