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August 2018
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Quick Food Ramble

A few things that have been gracing my plate lately have been really good and interesting.  First off I had some pork chops that I was going to make with some fresh cherry juice reduction (a cherry molasses per se) but I didn’t feel like getting the juicer out so what I did instead was slather rather thickly some of that garlic scape pesto on to the chops and grilled them.  I served them with baby red potatoes sliced with some olive oil and salt and pepper, placed in aluminum foil and grilled with the chops. 

I also made some chicken fajitas with grilled onions and red and green peppers.  I think I will put my standard recipe up for this soon.  I took some photos as well and have realized that I like to take pictures of the process of cooking more than the final product.  Strange I know but hey, I am hungry and not thinking clearly when the food hits the table!

One more thing, I also have gotten in to the habit of using the frying pan on the grill too.  I don’t have the fancy grill with a burner on the side.  I put the pan right on the grates and adjust the heat by moving the pan closer or further away from the hot coals, much like cooking on an open fire. 

That concludes the rambling post…

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