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August 2018
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Pork Loin w/ Hard Cider Reduction:

Pork and apples are a classic and wonderful pairing.  I play with the idea but use hard apple cider to deglaze the pan and make a nice apple “sauce” I mean reduction.  It was not too sweet since a lot of the sugars have been fermented out.

with potato leek gratin

 I pan fried in a heavy skillet two thick cut boneless loin cuts that were seasoned with salt and pepper and some chili powder over medium high heat. Once done I pulled off the pan and let rest (tented foil over) then I added thinly sliced shallots and cooked till translucent then added about a cup and a half of hard cider brought to a boil, and reduced by half.  Then I pour over pork loins and served.  My side for this was potato leek gratin see this post.

in the frying pan

Cook’s Note:  I used a local cider Crispen’s Lansolowne which is made with an Irish stout yeast and organic Molasses so it is stronger than most ciders (I think it was 6.2 ABV) and a bit darker but it was dry and had a nice apple taste, but use your favorite one.  Also next time I will make a rue before added the cider so it thickens up a bit more.

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