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July 2018
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BBQ’d Country Styled Ribs

Ever in the mood for BBQ’d ribs and don’t have the time to slow cook or smoke?  I know I sure do.  Instead of making spare or baby back ribs that needs to be cooked slow and low, pick up some county style ribs, they are meaty and full of rich pork flavor and best of all you do not need to cook them a long time!  They come in both bone in and boneless cuts and are quite inexpensive.

bbq'd country style ribs

bbq’d country style ribs

You can get all fancy and rub in a spice rub and make your own sauce and marinade for a while or go easy and marinade in your favorite BBQ from the store or BBQ joint, pop on the grill over direct heat flipping when the BBQ sauce gets a bit caramelized, baste with more sauce.  When the second side is a bit caramelized flip again and baste again, do this a few times until meat is cooked through and there are several layers of sauce built up.  Serve with your choice of potatoes, corn on the cob, baked beans slaw or other favorite BBQ sides.

Another great way to make them is my Curried Country Styled Ribs, this one will knock your socks off.

If you have more time to slow cook some ribs and want them falling off the bone ribs check out this recipe.

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