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July 2018
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Gateway Beers Part Two

If you haven’t read part one of this series, you can do so here.

Another great gateway beer is the Belgium Wit beer (White), loads of flavor, complex with subtle undertones that dance around the mouth in a whirling wash of wonderfulness. Although it has a love of flavors going on, it is not the classic beer/hoppy flavor that some people don’t like. Wit’s grain make up has a large percentage of wheat (un-malted wheat is often used) along with light malted barley. Wit beer uses a distinctive yeast strain that remains suspended in this unfiltered beer, so along with the wheat the color is a very light but cloudy look hence the name. Some unique features are the use of coriander and orange zest/peel amongst other herbs and spice that give the beer a tangy, sour and slightly fruity taste. The glass is sometimes garnished with a lemon or an orange wedge, but traditionally it is un-garnished allowing one to get the full effect of the beautiful bouquet as you drink.

Wit’s are a favorite style amongst the ladies but there are a lot of guys who come back to the Wit’s charm and character as it is a great summer pleaser. A popular brand is Blue Moon (made by Coors which I was unaware of until writing this article), although not my favorite one is a good place to start. Hoegaarden a Belgium variety or New Belgium’s Mother Ship are better and more typical examples of this style. German’s Weis (also means white) beer is a close cousin and the Hefe-Weizen and Weizen beers are close seconds that are worth trying out, and if you are feeling more adventurous, try a Dunkel Weizen (Dark Wheat) beer, I recommend Franzeskaner, but these wheat beers shall be a subject of their own some day.

These series will continue soon, not sure which style will be the next topic yet however.

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