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July 2018
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Gateway Beers to Good Craft Beers

Some call it the nectar of the gods, others just say “give me a pint”, but some don’t like beer, especially good craft beers. What you say, how could that be? I have been drinking “good beer” for all of my adult life and a bit of my not so adult life but that is another story indeed. I just never liked the bland non beer taste of the mega breweries that was designed to please the tastes of the masses (especially the deflated tastes of post prohibition when people forgot what good beer was all about, damn you prohibition, damn you to helllllllllllll!

Although the giant 3 breweries still have the largest share of the market, the craft beer sector is growing fast, as the big boy sales are flat of declining. There is a title wave of new breweries and fans alike looking for new inventive beers.

Some wonder if you can convert your non craft beer lovers over to the dark side (no pun intended), IS THERE A GATEWAY DRUG (BEER) to get them started on their way to loving beer for what beer truly is? My answer is yes, and here are some styles and brands that I would recommend to non craft beers fans to try and expand their taste buds, training wheels per se.

One of my favorite light styled beers is kölsch (koelsch) beer from kölh (Cologne) Germany but you can find many examples of this style in the USA now. It is light straw color like a pilsner but a bit more malty (sweet) and less hoppy then a pilsner but still with a slight bitterness to it. There is a light taste to this style with some fruity sweetness in the background, some will have a bit of a biscuit or light grainy vibe going on. There is a lot of little subtle things going on playing over the tongue without slam dancing it to death. It is mostly made with light malts, on a rare occasion it will also have some wheat and/or honey to add depth, and the hops are of the German variety with nobles at the end.

Continued, next up Belgium Wit Beer

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