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August 2018
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Great Simple Steak, Butter Mushrooms, and Thyme Grilled Potatoes

After some consideration I feel this post should be about the whole meal and not just the side that I had intended to be.  I am a big fan of a big ol’ juicy steak on the grill and I am a bit of a purest when it comes to my steak.  The philosophy I use is DO NOT FUCK WITH THE GOODNESS THAT IS STEAK, simpler is better when it comes to this sacred cow as it were.

First off I start with a good quality cut, my favorites are Rib Eye, Club, Kansas City or New York Strip for several reasons.  For one, they are tender and when cooked right (meaning under the medium mark) they melt in your mouth, plus they nicely marbled which means they are full of natural flavor.  Yeah these cuts are more expensive than say a sirloin steak but they are a much better cut and if you are going to spoil yourself on meat you might as well go all out!  Leave the sirloin by grinding it up and making wonderful burgers with it.

What goes on it?  Salt and pepper, and maybe a wee little bit of chili powder, that is it, that is all you need, stop there, you are good now, get your hands away from the spice rack, and don’t even think about a marinade, a good steak should be left alone!  Ok, I do put one more thing on but I am getting to that in a moment. 

Prep the grill for direct heat, when it is searing hot, put the steak on for 4-8 minutes depending on how well you want it, turn it 90 degrees about half way through to get great looking grill marks then flip and repeat.  With a minute or two left place a pat or 3 of butter on top letting it melt in, it is just a bit of additional decadence and well worth the extra 30 minutes and the gym!

ahhhh goodness!

Plate and let rest for 10 to 15 minutes, that will get the juices calmed down and relax after being all exited during the cooking process otherwise the juices will go gushing all over the plate and dry out the steak.  Top with mushrooms and place potatoes to the side (see below for both) and dig in.  I know what some of you are thinking, walk away from the steak sauce, I mean it, and enjoy the simple pleasures!  Leave the steak sauce for the sirloin burgers that you will cook out when friends stop by. 

Oh I should say, a nice mixed green salad would be nice too but not today!

Mushrooms in butter and garlic:

I do this right on the grill with a small cast iron pan, add some butter, throw in some minced garlic, get them going for a minute or two.  Add sliced cramini mushrooms (baby bella’s) or button mushrooms, I like them sliced thick.  About half way through, add salt and pepper and cook till tender.  Be all super club like by having them on top and falling off of the steak!  Easy as pie!  Mushrooms are like little sponges, and they soak up all the great buttery/garlicy flavors!

the girl wanted chicken, pay no attention to the chicken 🙂


Thyme Grilled Potatoes:

Another easy and wonderful side dish (this was the original focus of this post).  With some white potatoes, leaving the skins on and cut into wedges.  Put into a pot of generously salted boiling water and cook for 10 – 15 minutes, they will not be done but should be about half way there.  Drain and let cool for a while.  Mean while zest a lemon and juice it as well into a bowl, add some olive oil (about 1/3rd juice to 2/3rds olive oil), and add fresh thyme (one Tbsp. per lb. of potatoes) and mix well.  Add cooled (will not coat well if not cooled) potatoes and toss will, let marinate for 20 minutes to an hour.  Through on grill, add salt and pepper, flipping on occasion until cooked through, they should be soft when poked with a knife and have nice grill marks on them.  Plate and sprinkle some more fresh thyme on top.  They are light and fresh and area a great counterpoint to the steak and mushrooms.

Cooks’ note:

Try with other fresh herbs, sky is the limit!


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