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August 2018
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Lyndale Tap House review

Ok, this is not really a review of the place in general, but a review of the special I had there last night, it was to DIE for.

In all fairness to the Tap, I should cover what their shtick is, after all I frequent the place enough.

To quote them:

“The Tap House specializes in Baltimore Style Pit Meat. This preparation involves rubbing a high-quality piece of meat with a special housemade spice mixture and allowing it to marinate for three days. The meat is then seared on a specially installed pit grill which chars the outside and cooks it juicy and tender on the inside. Finally it is sliced paper thin and served on a kaiser roll”

They have an array of other wonderful dishes and they are always consistently good!  More important though, the have nearly 30 beers on tap and as many in the bottle or can (hipsters, they have tall boys!).

I should get to the point here though, last night I had a special their that was amasing, it was Parmesan Crusted Halibut over homemade spaghetti and tossed in a basil cream sauce with marinated tomatoes on top.  It is almost criminal how good it is (I am not one to gush about anything so take my word for it, yum yum yum) and I fear I will not be able to describe it well enough but here is my try: 


pardon the bad cell phone photo

On a hot summer day this was a light and refreshing way to have dinner and still feel satisfied after.  The homemade noodles were fun and the cream sauce was reminiscent of pesto but with a slightly sweet tang, almost citrusy.  This fish had a sear on one side, with a nice crust giving a nice counterpoint to the mouth feel of the noodles and sauce.  The marinated tomatoes tied the dish together, adding an acid that balanced out the rest of the flavors giving a zing.  I have a feeling that they where marinaded in a citric (lemon) base, slightly macerating the tomatoes and bringing out more flavor.  I might have to try to recreate this dish though I am not as good at deconstructing food as others are.  I will go on the premise that simple and pure made a wonderful dish.

In talking to the staff afterwards, it seemed to be a favorite with them as well.  Although this is a special now (get it while you can) it might (hopefully) make it to the menu soon!

Was that to subtle of a HINT?!

Oh, I should note that it was wonderful with the Summersault summer ale from New Belgium Brewing company!  They paired really nicely.

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