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July 2018
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Basic Mash Potatoes Recipes (1)

There is nothing I like more than good mash potatoes and they are so easy to make light and fluffy but my problem is that I usually do not measure anything when I make them.  So I thought I should make some and pay attention to the ratio I use when making mashed potatoes.  Oh the pain of eating the experiments that ensued was devastating but I took one for the team! </end-sarcasm>

The first one here is the standard bearer for mashed potatoes for me.  It is what my folks always made especially for holiday meals and Sunday family dinners.  They never measured out anything since it always depended on the amount and size of potatoes involved but this is the approximate ratio that you may want to mess with depending on if you want it creamier or buttery you want it to be.  Here is a good guide to start with.

Makes about 6 cups of fluffy goodness.

  • 4 large russets potatoes (baker size) peeled and cut into smaller chunks
  • 1 cup 2% milk (give or take)
  • 2-3 Tbls. butter
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Several dollops of sour cream (optional – adds richness)

Fill a big pot with water and add a good amount of kosher salt, something like a table spoon or two, add potatoes, and bring to a near boil, cook until fork tender.  When done, drain water off in a colander add back into warm pan, now over low heat and let some of the moisture evaporate.  Add butter (cold or room temp, do not melt over heat) and sour cream if opting, to the bottom of a stand up mixer bowl add potatoes on top, add salt and pepper to taste (I start with a tsp. worth) and half the milk that has been warmed up in a small pan. Mix until it a smooth consistency starts to develop.  Scrape down sides several times to make sure all lumps can become smooth and whipped.  Taste and adjust seasonings as needed and add more milk if not to the right consistency, it should be smooth and fluffy with a nice soft texture.  Use less milk if using sour cream.

ready to mash

getting ready to mash!

Serve along with roasted poultry or other meats and top with gravy or other pan sauce.

This version lends well to use IF you have leftovers in such dishes as Sheppard’s pie, gnocchi or potato dumplings.


all mashed up

all mashed up


This post is going to evolve as I put a few more up at some point, book mark it and come on back!  Baby Red smashed potatoes should be next.

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