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August 2018
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Tomato with Harissa & Pistachio Nuts

This is one of my favorite concoctions, I’ve been making it for years. Finally I’ve gotten round to taking some photos and posting it here!

A main component is Harissa, here’s the Wiki link;

8 to 10 Extra Large Very Ripe Tomato, cut in quarters

1 Extra Large Yellow Onion, course chopped

2 Large Lemons, zested & juiced

6 Ounces Pistachio Nuts, Halves & Pieces, toasted, that real tiny toaster I bought on Craigslist really comes in handy!

4, 5, or 6 Teaspoons Harissa, I love this dish SPICY!

1 Bunch Green Onion, course chopped

Salt & Pepper to taste

1/4 Teaspoon Nutmeg

3 to 4 Tablespoons Red Wine, I’ve used a nice California Shiraz

Labneh, for on top, here’s Wiki;

Grease with Olive Oil a 9 x 13 Baking Pan.

In a Skillet with a Glug or 2 of Olive Oil Saute the Yellow Onion just until turning Translucent.

1/4 your Tomatoes, Zest & Juice your Lemons and Toast your Pistachios!




Lemons/ Lemon Zest


Toasted Pistachio Nutmeats, I’ll try to get a photo of the tiny tiny toaster I got on craigslist and post it sometime.


Now using a Super Big Mix Bowl, put all ingredients except wine into it and mix thoroughly, either use your hands or to Big Wooden Spoons!

Pour Mixture into Prepared 9 x 13 Pan.

Tomato, Harissa & Pistachio Mixture ready to be foiled and baked!


Before covering pan with foil, pour the Red Wine in.

Bake in a preheated 400 degree oven for 45 minutes.

Remove from oven, remove foil and mix things around a bit.

Nice place bake in oven without foil, turn temperature up to 450 degrees.

Bake about another 30 minutes, watch so nuts and Green Onion do not burn.

Remove from oven.

Dab with Labneh and enjoy!


Yummy on the Plate!


Yummy in the Tum!


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