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May 2018
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Fresh Blackberries & Cava

I have some of the most plump, juicy, succulent, almost sensual in there dripping down the chin, tempted to lick off with a primal use of the tongue orgiastic succor, in the face of this humdrum rigor of breathe and bones and flesh… A burst of elan and want of live and all it’s offerings… Blackberries

Oh how I love living in San Francisco. The Central Valley produces some of the best Veggie & Fruit in the world. And it’s about an hour or so away from the City and it’s Farmer’s Markets.

These fruits of earth deserve a pinnacle, nay an altar, a place of reverence to enhance and exhalt in their manna dew and nectar of the gods and goddesses diviness.

1 pint of Blackberries

1 750 ml bottle of Conde de Subirats Cava Brut; San Sadurni d’ Anoia – Spain

(This Cava is rather dry, it works extremely well with the Blackberries.

Place about ten or so Blackberries in a Flute fill glass with Cava.


Enter Paradise.




Cava & Blackberries



1 comment to Fresh Blackberries & Cava

  • The Roomate

    So goooood, so classssssyyyyy…. right up until you realize that you really want the damn berry and you start fishing them out with your hands hahahahaha!

    but really probably the only thing that could class up ripped jeans and a cut-off pirate shirt on a sunday.

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