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August 2018
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Bounty from the farmer's Market; Tomato, Peppers, Celery,,,

Farmers Markets are bountiful this time of year. My latest incursion netted Tomato, Red, Orange and Yellow Sweet Pepper, Passilla Pepper, Celery Root, and Yellow Onion.

Bounty From The Farmer's Market


now to turn these sumptuous veggies into Dinner!

I started by browning Chorizo in a little Olive Oil. After browning I added all the appropriately chopped veggies except the tomato. Adding the tomato last, after the other veggies have sauteed  helps them retain some of their shape. I like my food somewhat crisp and chunky, if I were to cook the tomato as long as the other veggies they would lose a lot of their bulk. After the veggies have been sauteed I added about 2 Tbs. chopped Garlic, about a Tbs. of Harissa*, a Tsp. of Smokey Paprika, a good pinch of Nutmeg and copious amounts of Salt and Pepper, and 8 oz. of Shiraz. I simmered this for about 45 minutes.

The sauteed Veggies and Chorizo and seasonings before adding the tomato.

I served this over some simple lightly Olive Oiled Pasta with a dab of Sour Cream.

'Dinner' is served!


* Harissa

Harissa is a Tunisian hot chili sauce commonly eaten in North Africa whose main ingredients are bird’s eye chili peppersserrano peppers and other hot chillis and spices such as garlic paste, coriander, red chili powder, caraway as well as some vegetable or olive oil. It is a standard ingredient of North African cuisine,[1] most closely associated with Tunisia and Algeria[2] but recently also making inroads intoMorocco according to Moroccan food expert Paula Wolfert.[3]

(this is the beginning of the Wiki entry for Harissa.)

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