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May 2012
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Steak with Lemon Butter Thyme Sauce:

Ok, I know I have said publicly that I am a purest when it comes to steak but I ran across this butter sauce on Sauvar’s website and I had to try it.  I have to say it was wonderful so I am going to share with you all.  Oh and it is easy as hell!

2 of your favorite kind of steaks 2 tbls. butter unsalted 1 lemon cut in half Several sprigs of thyme Salt and pepper

Grill or pan fry your steak to your liking, remove from heat and let rest for 10 minutes.


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Crappies w/ Moral Mushrooms in Butter Garlic Sauce

Sunday’s lunch was a real treat for me, not only was it really tasty but it was all caught and gathered, as in foraged for, by myself the day before!  Nothing can be fresher than that!

The goal was to go morel mushroom hunting with my cousin John on Saturday but he had too much going on so he was going to give me some that he got a few days ago, he had more then he could use.  Since he lives on a lake I thought I would grab my fishing stuff and drop in a line since

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Falling off the bone BBQ Ribs:

Ribs are awesome!  To make them at home and have them come out will is easy as can be.  Don’t worry about smoking them all day either, you can slow cook them in the oven or a crock pot until tender and finish them on the grill for that nice charred BBQ taste!

BBQ ribs falling off the bone with garlic toast

There are a lot of ways to do BBQ ribs and different regions are parietal to “ways to do it”, such as one must use a smoker, sauce on the side, only dry rub, only sauce

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