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December 2011
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Indian Inspired IPA Beef Stew:

I wasn’t sure what to call this dish since it isn’t really a curry and the addition of beer kind of throws it a wrench it to it also but as you can see I settled on a vague inspired title!  This no holds bar stew that is inspired by Indian spices and a beer that was made for to survive the heat ofIndia.  It has loads of flavor and is very satisfying change of pace after all that holiday food.

Oh, this is a bit hot, cut done the cayenne and remove seeds and ribbing from the sarono

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Nan (Naan) Indian Flat Bread:

Indian restaurants usually serve their meals with a simple yeast flat bread called nan, sometimes spelled naan.  This is a wonderful thick and moist flat bread that is traditionally made in a tandoor oven (clay oven) and comes out with these wonderful blistered black spots with a silky soft middle and is great for supping up saucy curry dishes.  It really is not hard to do just takes some time, most of it is passive though.

1 cup warm water (about 100-110 Degrees F.) 2 Tbls. butter Pinch of salt 1 tsp. sugar 1 packet of yeast 3 cups

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