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June 2011
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Quick Food Ramble

A few things that have been gracing my plate lately have been really good and interesting.  First off I had some pork chops that I was going to make with some fresh cherry juice reduction (a cherry molasses per se) but I didn’t feel like getting the juicer out so what I did instead was slather rather thickly some of that garlic scape pesto on to the chops and grilled them.  I served them with baby red potatoes sliced with some olive oil and salt and pepper, placed in aluminum foil and grilled with the chops. 

I also made

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Lemon Chicken with Garlic Scape Pesto

This is a fun and easy meal I made with some garlic scape I pick up at the Kingsfield Farmers Market last weekend. See more about garlic scape here.

• 1 lb. chicken tenders • Tsp or two of lemon zest • 1 lemon’s juice • ¼ cup (or as desired) sun dried tomatoes • 2 or so cups of penne pasta (or favorite pasta)

For the pesto

• 10 garlic scape stalks • Hand full of fresh basil • Tsp. coarse salt • Pepper to taste • 1/3 cup pine nuts or walnuts (I left out since who I was

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Garlic Scape

This last weekend I made a new discovery at the Kingsfield Farmers Market that I am quite excited about and I almost walked away from it. It is a gem of the early summer called Garlic Scape, not the most attractive name but sure an interesting and fun edible! It is only available for a short 3 weeks or so. So what is it and how does one use it? Good questions, first off it is a green and twisty stalk that is about the width of a pencil or a little thinker and has a mild garlic aroma

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Gateway Beers Part Two

If you haven’t read part one of this series, you can do so here.

Another great gateway beer is the Belgium Wit beer (White), loads of flavor, complex with subtle undertones that dance around the mouth in a whirling wash of wonderfulness. Although it has a love of flavors going on, it is not the classic beer/hoppy flavor that some people don’t like. Wit’s grain make up has a large percentage of wheat (un-malted wheat is often used) along with light malted barley. Wit beer uses a distinctive yeast strain that remains suspended in this unfiltered beer, so along

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Gateway Beers to Good Craft Beers

Some call it the nectar of the gods, others just say “give me a pint”, but some don’t like beer, especially good craft beers. What you say, how could that be? I have been drinking “good beer” for all of my adult life and a bit of my not so adult life but that is another story indeed. I just never liked the bland non beer taste of the mega breweries that was designed to please the tastes of the masses (especially the deflated tastes of post prohibition when people forgot what good beer was all about, damn you

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