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August 2018
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“What’s for dinner?!”

Age old questions we know.  So why don’t you let us help!  Visit our blog for the latest ideas, recipes * and reviews from the food geeks of   For latest news, information and food stuff, follow us on Twitter @fromfryingpan.

We are a collective of artists, poets, and theater people who just happen to be food geeks.  None of us are in the “industry” and we do not do this to make a fast buck or because we want to become famous and be the next star in the food world, we do this because we love food and want to share it with everyone.  We are looking for a few more contributors, if you think you got what it takes please look here to see what you need to do to apply.

Recipe, hell, we use the term recipe loosely.  Although we have fully fledged recipes here, most of them are written with alternative suggestions and ingredients, both keep meals fresh and interesting.  After all, recipes are guidelines not rules! We encourage you all to add your own suggestions and modifications that worked for you in the comment sections!

What do we offer?  Just to name a few, we offer down home cooking at its best, re-envisioned classics, ethnic foods that you may not be aware of, new and interesting ideas, spruced up tired recipes, all sorts of reviews, methods and techniques amongst others.

Cravings you should not miss: Our special feeds.
Cooking with Beer:  Wine, Wine, Whine, stop whining and use a beer instead, beer is just as diverse and adds a wonderful variety to food, I have made risotto, braised with it, used for stews and graves amongst a lot more.  See what this wonderful beverage can add to your cooking repituare.

Braising: Low and slow baby, cook until meat is falling off the bone.

Grilling and BBQ’n: Get those coals hot and enjoy the outside.

Indian, Asian and other ethnic foods:  Get out of your box and try something that is inspired from lands far, far away.

Vegetarian: We don’t have a lot of these but the ones we do have are worth the while!

Beer Reviews:  Speaking of beer, here are some of our reviews on malty hoppy goodness.